Glossary of Registration Terms


  • Approve student registration schedules and distribute PINs prior to registration.

Alternate or Registration PIN:

  • A 6-digit number is assigned to every undergraduate-degree-seeking student on a semester basis (summer excluded) to ensure the student has met with his or her advisor prior to enrolling in courses. The student should keep this number in a safe place, as it will be required to process schedule changes online.

Campus Restriction:

  • This error occurs to notify students that the course is restricted to a particular off-campus cohort. Students must acquire special permission (virtual registration override) from the instructor in order to enroll in these courses.

Class Restriction:

  • This error occurs when a student is attempting to enroll in a course more than one year above his/her current classification. See "student classification" for more clarification.

Closed-Class Error:

  • This error is displayed when a course for which you are attempting to register has reached its maximum capacity. Students may acquire special permission (virtual registration override) from the instructor in order to enroll in these courses.

Complete Withdrawal:

  • Students who decide NOT to complete the current term after it has begun may withdraw from school by completing an official withdrawal through the dean for the Office of Student Services. Students might be eligible for a partial refund of tuition and fees and housing and meal ticket depending upon when the withdrawal is processed. Students may not process a complete withdrawal online. If the class is the student's only class, he or she must process a complete withdrawal from Adams State through the Office of Student Services, RH 234 or the associate provost for graduate studies if a graduate student.
  • Complete withdrawals may be processed via telephone by contacting Adams State at 719.587.7221 prior to the beginning of the summer semester.

Course Add:

  • Adds course to class schedule. Students may add classes up to and including the last day to add for that course.

Course Drop:

  • Removes class from registration and billing. Students may drop a course during the first 15 percent of the class term. All tuition and fees for dropped courses are removed if the student remains in at least one other course.

Course Load:

  • Full-time course load for undergraduate students is 12 credit hours; 6 credit hours for graduate students. Maximum enrollment for students is 20 and 15 hours for undergraduate and graduate students respectively, each semester without special permission. The student's advisor and the assistant provost for Academic Affairs must approve course loads exceeding this limit for undergraduate students whereas graduate students must seek the approval of their advisor and the associate provost for the Graduate School.
  • Additional tuition will be assessed for course loads in excess of 17 hours at the rate of part-time tuition for each hour above 17 for undergraduate students.

Course Withdrawal:

  • Allows students to receive a non-punitive grade of W for a class they wish to discontinue after the last day to drop a class has passed. Students may withdraw from a class after the last day to drop classes and no later than the last day to withdraw.
  • Tuition is charged and a W appears on the student's transcript.

Credit by Examination:

  • Students desiring credit by examination should request this from the instructor at the time of registration. Regular tuition and fees will apply.

Department Chairs:

  • Approve students to take courses in lieu of the course instructor when the instructor cannot be reached, for courses designated as STAFF, or special permission for those courses within their department and class restrictions.

Independent Study Courses:

  • are offered on a limited basis. An Authorization for Independent Study Form and a contract between the student and faculty member must be completed, approved by the instructor, department chair, and associate provost for Academic Affairs for undergraduate courses or by the associate provost for the graduate school for graduate courses. The form and contract, once approved, must then be submitted to the One Stop Student Services Center located in the Student Union Building. An updated schedule will be subsequently mailed to the student after processing is complete. Regular tuition and fees apply.


  • Approve exceptions to their individual classes (enrollment limit, special permission, prerequisite requirements, etc.)

Level Restriction:

  • This error will occur when an undergraduate student attempts to enroll in a 500- to 599-level course or when a student who is admitted into our Extended Studies program attempts to enroll in an on campus course. Special permission to enroll in graduate level courses may be requested (if you are a senior within 12 hours of graduating) from the director of the Graduate School in Richardson Hall 217. ES students may contact the Office of Admissions at 800-824-6494 or 719-587-7306 for information on how to register in on-campus courses.

No Credit/Audit:

  • Students may, with instructor permission, enroll in courses for no credit. Regular tuition and fees are assessed, and students must indicate their desire for NC prior to the deadline to add/drop.
  • Classes taken for no credit are not eligible for financial aid or the COF stipend.

Nursing College Restriction:

  • This error occurs to notify students that the course is restricted to only those students who have their RN certification and who have been admitted to the nursing program.


  • If an undergraduate student wishes to take more than 20 credit hours, or a graduate student wishes to take more than 15 credit hours, he or she must complete an Overload Approval Form.
  • The Overload Approval Form will require approval from both the student's advisor and the associate provost for Academic Affairs or the associate provost for the Graduate School for graduate students. Full-time tuition and fees are assessed from 11-17 credit hours. There is an additional enrollment charge for more than 17 hours.
  • Graduate students pay tuition by credit hour for all classes taken.


  • Many courses have specific course prerequisites, which must be taken prior to a student being permitted to enroll in them. Prerequisites for each course are identified in the Adams State Catalog.

Special Permission:

  • Courses requiring special permission to enroll are identified in the schedule with a footnote code. Students must acquire special permission (virtual registration override) from the instructor in order to enroll in these courses.
  • All regular session courses require special permission in order to be added beginning the second week of classes.

Student Classification:

  • Freshmen: (0-29 earned hours) may enroll in 0- to 299-level courses.
  • Sophomores: (30-59 earned hours) may enroll in 0- to 399-level courses.
  • Juniors and Seniors: (60-89 and 90+ earned hours, respectively) may enroll in 0- to 499-level courses.

    Students who wish to enroll in courses above their current classification must obtain special permission via a registration override from the department chair and instructor of the course. Seniors who are within 12 hours of graduating may enroll in graduate-level (500+) courses with the approval of the associate provost for the Graduate School.

    Please note that graduate level courses are not COF eligible. Graduate students may enroll in 500+ level courses. They may also enroll in 300- to 499-level courses and receive graduate credit if requested at registration and approved by the instructor. Graduate students should check with their advisor to be sure the course will meet degree requirements.

    Tuition for undergraduate courses will be assessed at the graduate rate.

Token Number:

  • This is issued to newly admitted students and is required (along with student ID numbers) to obtain your user name and password to gain access to our online services.
  • If you have misplaced this number, please contact the One Stop Student Services Center at 1.866.344.1687 or 719.587.7306 or Computing Services' helpdesk at 719.587.7741 to have your token number reset.
  • Use your student ID and one-time token to obtain your username and password at: