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Adams State University Career Services is here to help you navigate the career planning process. We can help you to explore your career options, create a customized career plan, identify and gain practical experience, and research and prepare for your next step after graduation.

Students who use our services early in their academic careers are more likely to find jobs and internships than those who wait. We welcome All ASU undergraduates, graduate students, & Alumni!

Services We Provide:

Career Advising

  • Discuss Major Career Options
  • Utilize Career related personality assessments  
  • Review Career Resources

Develop Job and Career Skills 

  • Attend Career Workshops
  • Develop Your Resume (or CV) and Cover Letter
  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Learn to showcase your skills and experiences via MockInterviews  
  • Participate in service Learning and Volunteering Experiences 
  • Connect with Community Partners 

Search for Internships and Jobs 

  • Create a Grizzly Careers Profile**
  • Utilize Employer and Mentor Contacts 
  • Browse Job and Internship 
  • Attend Job and Career Fairs and Networking Events 

Plan for Graduate and Professional School  

  • Prep for Graduate School Workshops
  • Essay and Application Reviews

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