Campus Recreation & Wellness - Hours of Operation

Academic Year (August - May)

Monday - Thursday 6AM - 9PM
Friday 6AM - 7PM
Saturday 10AM - 3PM
Sunday 10AM - 3PM

Peak-Use Hours:

Low-Use Hours:

Mon-Fri 1PM-7PM,

Mon-Fri 6AM- 1PM and 8PM-9PM,

Sat-Sun 12PM-3PM

Sat-Sun 10AM-12PM

Summer (May 14th- Aug 19th)

Monday - Thursday 6AM - 6PM
Friday 6AM - 5PM
Saturday 10AM - 2PM
Sunday 10AM - 2PM

NOTE: The hours listed above are for those days when classes are in session. The building may set alternative hours or close during class breaks and holidays.