ALP - The Minor & the Apprenticeship

The Minor in Adventure Leadership & Programming

Adventure Leadership and Programming (ALP) is a minor in:

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This unique 21 credit hour minor exposes students to the critical skills necessary to be an effective leader in the back-country as well as in any profession. Students can begin taking classes in the Spring or Summer.

The Adventure Leadership and Programming minor is designed so that a group of 9 students can go through the course progression in one year of study. Students are encouraged to apply during their second semester of their first year, but applications are accepted year round.

While students learn technical skills such as snow pack assessment or climbing anchor system construction, the core components of an ALP course will focus on developing the interpersonal skills and teaching skills that empower individuals to be effective in any profession.

Our instructors are seasoned veterans in the field of outdoor education and beyond. ALP students receive superior educational experiences through highly engaged courses with our:

The Apprenticeship Certificate program in Adventure Leadership & Programming

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In addition, the learning outcomes of the ALP minor can be significantly enhanced through the ALP Apprenticeship.

After your first field course, the ALP Expedition (HPPE 261), interviews will be held for those desiring to commit to additional training, mentorship, and many other benefits of working for the:

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Designed as a rigorous leadership development program, the ALP Apprenticeship was established to provide students minoring in Adventure Leadership and Programming the opportunity to gain significant leadership experience and mentorship in an intentional, challenging, and dynamic context.

The ALP Apprenticeship is about integrity, judgment, and self-leadership, the hallmarks of genuine leadership. Apprentices gain additional teaching and leadership experience through designing and leading diverse programming such as backpacking, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, white water kayaking, and challenge course programs.

For students interested in adventure based employment and careers, this program offers the foundation necessary to become competent outdoor leaders.

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Though students pursuing the ALP minor are not required to be part of the ALP Apprenticeship, those desiring more experience, training, and mentoring are encouraged to apply.

The ALP Apprenticeship is a rigorous leadership development program and requires a high level of commitment.

Find out more about the ALP Apprenticeship Certificate program:

Your first step in being accepted into the program is to complete and submit the:

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For additional information please contact  Curt Howell at: or