Many departments move back to Richardson Hall


richardson hall east entrance

The first phase of the Adams State University Richardson Hall renovations is nearly complete. Many Richardson Hall departments have already moved into their new offices, located on the south wing and middle section.

Offices include:

Academic Affairs (719-587-7622)
Suite 2-200, second floor, center RH
Dodie Day
Dr. Frank Novotny

Accounting (719-587-7851)
Suite 3-300, third floor southeast end of RH
Betsy Chacon (719-587-7762)
Gary Garcia (719-587-7552)
William Schlaufman (719-587-7699)
Maria Valdez (719-587-7851)

Alumni Relations and ASU Foundation (719-587-8110)
Suite 2-500, second floor, southeast RH
Gaylene Horning
Lori Laske
Tammy Lopez

Creative Relations and Print Shop (719-587-7841)
Suite 1-500, first floor west end of RH
Peggy Dunn
Mike Henderson
Amy Kucera
Mark Schoenecker

Enrollment Management - Project Manager (719-587-8124)
Suite 1-200, first floor southeast end of RH
Karla Hardesty

Enrollment Management - Senior Vice President (719-587-7436)
Suite 2-700, second floor, center RH
Jacqueline Martinez
Dr. Michael Mumper

Finance/Governmental Relations (719-587-7727)
Suite 3-300, third floor southeast end of RH
Heather Heersink
Bill Mansheim
Jody Mortensen
Katie Schroeder
Megan Smith
Jenny Yund

Financial Aid Office (719-587-7306)
Suite 1-200, first floor southeast end of RH
Sharon Chavez
Cathi Connell
Erica Romero
Phil Schroeder
Danielle Persinger

Human Resources (719-587-7990)
Suite 1-400, first floor southwest end of RH
Shirley Gibson
Alicia Harmon
Shannon Heersink
Tracy Rogers

Mailroom (719-587-7101)
West Annex of Richardson Hall
David Martinez

Nursing Classrooms (719-587-8171)
Second floor north end of RH and East Campus

President's Office (719-587-7341)
Suite 2-300, second floor, center RH
Dr. David Svaldi
James Trujillo

Public Relations (719-587-7165)
Suite 1-601, first floor southwest end of RH
Julie Waechter

Purchasing Office (719-587-7526)
Suite 3-300, third floor southeast end of RH
Renee Vigil
Kristin Young-Jaramillo

Records Office (719-587-7322/719-587-7327)
Suite 1-300, first floor southeast end of RH
Stacy Madrid
Belen Maestas
Renee Monaghan
Diane Mondragon
Kara Trujillo
Trevor Turner
Lisa Wilson

Student Affairs (719-587-7221)
Suite 2-800, second floor, center RH
Ken Marquez
Gina Willis

Upward Bound (719-587-7865)
Suite 2-400, second floor, southeast RH
Morgan Dokson
Carmel Jaramillo
Paloma Lopez
Angelica Valdez


Admissions Staff
Richardson Hall rooms 1-701 and 1-702
Melissa Moeller (719-587-7712)
Maxine Rodriguez (719-587-7712)

Admissions Staff
ASU Community Partnerships Building, north end
Sally Kelly (719-587-7908)

Business Services for Students (719-587-7728)
Porter Hall room 144
Beneranda Chacon
Gregory Cook
Beatrice Martinez

Counseling and Career Services (719-587-7746)
Petteys Hall, First Floor
Gregory Elliott
Patricia Martinez
Elisabeth Tomlin

Enrollment Management - Assistant Vice President
School of Business room 115
Eric Carpio (719-589-7802)

Enrollment Management Staff
ASU Community Partnerships Building, north end
Julia Chavez (719-587-7347)

Extended Studies
East Campus, formerly Evans Elementary (719-587-7671)
Beth Apodaca – room 201
Traci Bishop – room 206
James Bullington – room 203
Caryn Chavez – room 204
Debbie Cunningham – room 201
Debra Ehrlich – room 204
Susan Ennis – room 203
Melissa Gastinger – room 203
David Hargis - room 103
Linda Jones – room 204
Liz Martinez - room 100
Renee Martinez - room 100
Toni Martinez – room 202
Tracey McMichael – room 202
Shanae Mundee – room 203
Judy Phillips – room 206
Kateri Reeves – room 204
Sadie Romero-David – room 202
Walter Roybal – room 206
Roselie Schlaufman – room 202
Lisa Strobeck – room 100
Bernadette Torres – room 201
Katie Turner – room 203
Carissa Watts – room 203

Graduate Studies Staff
ASU Community Partnerships Building, north end
Karie Velleses (719-587-8173)

Grant Specialist
Porter Hall room 253
Tawney Becker (719-587-8305)

Institutional Reporting
Nielsen Library rooms 218 and 219 (719-587-7631)
Andrea Benton-Maestas
Pat Bryson

Nursing Faculty
301 Edgemont Blvd. – across the street from Richardson Hall (719-587-8171)
Karen Adamson
Shawn Elliott
Michael Geiger
Yvette Lujan
Melissa Milner
Carol Otto

Public Relations
School of Business room 215
Linda Relyea (719-587-7827)

The Luther Bean Museum is closed until further notice.