Adams State Art Department will dedicate Butters’ bike


josh hendren wearing blue hat waving a toy sword and riding custom tall red and white striped bike down a city street

Photo by Daniel Parsons
Joshua "Butters" Hendrenin riding in the 2015 Adams State Homecoming Parade.

Often described by friends as "larger than life," the late Adams State University alumnus Joshua "Butters" Hendren, Class 2010, could often be seen riding his custom tall bicycle.  A psychology major, Hendren also took art classes establishing close bonds with students and faculty.

taken from front angle custom tall bicycle red and white striped frame mounted on stone reddish colored wall iron face casting mounted on front of bicycle

To help preserve the memory of Hendren, Art Professor Eugene Schilling and art graduate student Alicia Hess embellished his distinct bicycle, adding an iron casting of Hendren's face which Hendren created while a student. Schilling worked with faculty, students, and staff across campus to mount the tall bicycle sculpture to an outside wall of the Art Building.

A dedication of the bicycle will take place at 5 p.m. Friday, April 6, following an artist lecture and prior to the Cloyde Snook exhibit "Fe!" closing reception.

For more information call the Art Department at 719-587-7823.