Richardson Hall remodel includes local subcontractors


valley electric employees outside front of building

Employees include, left to right, Ty Crowther, Mark Hensley, Chris Havens, Tom Rogers, Dick Clark, Joe Tibbits, Dale Tardona, Jim Hoogendoorn, Brett Canty, John Padilla, Floyd Oaks, Jim Oberrick, Carlos Domingez, Rob Caffey, Gary Hensley, Tyler Christensen, Nick Gonzales, Mitch Canty, John Silva, Mike Canty, Patrick Pena, Mike Reaves, and Josh Hensley.

The Adams State University Richardson Hall remodel will begin the first of March. The extensive project will involve local businesses in the renovation. Valley Electric won the competitive bid for the electrical work including building the fire alarm and communications systems. Mark Hensley '89, president of Valley Electric, said winning the competitive bid means a lot to his company.

The design/build team of G.H. Phipps Construction and OZ Architecture held a bidding process for all the subcontract work. Valley Electric won with the low bid for electrical work.

Bill Mansheim, Adams State vice president of finance and governmental relations, said he is pleased when local businesses are hired. "It helps our community economically and local companies know our campus and buildings."

Hensley said he really appreciates the work. "This project with Richardson Hall will help me rehire employees I laid off in December.

Adams State President David Svaldi said: "I am extremely gratified that the remodel of the original campus building, Richardson Hall, can give back to the community much as community members' donations were instrumental in helping Adams State open its doors in 1925."

Working on Adams State projects has been a part of Valley Electric's business since Dick Clark established the company in 1975. "We have completed jobs in nearly every building on the Adams State campus," Hensley added.

Valley Electric will need to remove all the wiring and circuits from Richardson Hall's south end before any other demolition begins. "We need to make it safe for the construction workers," Hensley said. As the remodel progresses, Valley Electric will work with the engineers to keep up on the wiring. Hensley foresees one future challenge – through the entire renovation project the Nursing Department must remain in operation. "I am confident we will find a solution to keep nursing up and running during the entire process."

Along with wiring, Valley Electric employees Tom Rogers and Tyler Christianson will install the fire alarm system and communications system, respectively. "Adams State's communication team has established high, rigid standards. It actually saves the campus money in the long run," Hensley added.

He is grateful to his team that "really came through" during the interview process. They included Clark, lead estimator; Rogers, fire alarm system; Christianson, communications system; Josh Hensley '13, Mike Canty, job superintendent; Bret Canty, estimator/project manager; and himself. "The G.H. Phipps lead team said we did a great job during the interview process." Josh Hensley created a PowerPoint presentation to highlight their strengths and ties with the college.

Valley Electric has a web of ties with the college directly and indirectly. Hensley and his wife Stephanie '93 '01 and their three children, including Josh and his wife, all received degrees from the university. Many of his employees, current and former and their families, have graduated, or take courses, from Adams State, including Laura Maez, Brett Canty '94, Tom Rogers '91, Jim Oberrick '92, Dave Owsley '89, Taylor Stam '13, Omar Gonzales '12, Rob McCabe '06, Kyle Sand '12, Shane Barns '04, Travis Koppenhafer '03, Jacob Jurney '13, Rich Wilson '86, Rodney Romero '89.

The company buys their wholesale electrical equipment from American Electric, also run by an Adams State alumnus, Shawn Hicks '89. Valley Electric employee, Rogers, built the entire fire alarm system on campus.

"Adams State confidence in us means a lot," Hensley said. Valley Electric is a Grizzly Club member. The company also hires students during the summer months. "Several of our seasonal employees are Adams State athletes," he added. "They are able to stay in the area and work on their sport."

Other local companies who were hired by G.H. Phipps include Alcon Construction and Vendola Plumbing.

Richardson Hall will be remodeled in two phases starting with the south end. The renovation is made possible through state capital construction funds.