Obama's early days as president is ASC class


Adams State College is offering alternatives to the established general education curriculum. A course on President Obama's first 100 days in office, taught the spring 2009 semester counts as meeting three areas of the general education Area IV requirement.

This course will be taught by faculty from public administration, government and economics and will consider all policy issues as President Obama seeks to change them.

The class will focus on the first 100 days and compare to other President's first 100 days. This course is a unique opportunity for students as it is being taught by faculty from two different fields.

During the semester, students will examine the first 100 days of the Obama presidency through an analysis of presidential transitions, current economic conditions, policy changes and the impact on our nation. Course objectives include explanation of presidential transitions; Obama's plan for a new America in the 21st Century; Obama's policy directions; assessing the economic impact of Obama's new policy directions; and discussion of barriers, roadblocks and other enabling or stalling political aspects of implementing dramatic change at the national level.

Course content will include presidential transitions, Obama's plan for the future, economic and budgetary policy, education policy, healthcare policy, foreign policy and homeland security, and environmental and energy policy.

Adams State is also offering women's studies and psychology and social issues this term which can count for general education requirements.

For more information, or to enroll contact the One Stop Student Services at 719-587-7306.

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