Geology and Physical Geography major Dan Carver is recognized as an outstanding student


By: Mariah Pepe

Dan Carver, an academic success from the Earth Sciences department, will be graduating in the spring of 2012. He is a great representation of his department, as he is a Porter Scholar with about a 3.63 GPA. Carver elected to take courses that go well beyond the requirements of his major, such as calculus and upper-division chemistry coursework, which is what initially earned him such prestige among his professors.

After graduation, Carver will work at the Great Sand Dunes as an ambassador for wilderness; he will take high school and middle school students from the Valley on backpacking excursions. This seasonal position will be his first full-time job, and he looks forward to the new opportunity.

“I grew a lot from the intensive school experience, but I’m looking forward to working for at least a year. It’ll give me a different perspective before I make the two year commitment to more school,” said Carver.

Carver, an Adams State Adventure Program employee, attributes a great deal of his success to his initial choice to “abandon (his) life and home in Chicago and move to this tiny town of Alamosa and attend Adams. The decision to dive head strong into the unknowns of a totally new place and lifestyle is really what has made (him) who (he is) today” (Carter).

Carver strongly advises that all students become actively involved on campus, as well as reading regularly. “Everyone can find something to be successful at, if they want to make it work and put the effort forth,” said Carver.