Chelsea McNerny stands out from among the History, Government, and Philosophy department


By: Mariah Pepe

The department chair has chosen Chelsea McNerny as an outstanding graduating student for the spring of 2012. With a 3.2 GPA, McNerny doubles as an active member on campus.

As a history major, she is also the President of the Adams State Democrats, the Vice President of Mock Trial, and the Secretary of Phi Sigma Alpha.

The Adams State Democrats work with the Organizing for America campaign, which promotes Barack Obama. They also encourage student involvement in regards to all of the political elements in the area.

Mock Trial develops a team at the beginning of each school year and practices and competes with other schools on a particular case. The case is ordered from a higher party in the Mock Trial organization and is different each year. It is great exposure for students who want to become involved in criminal justice.

Finally, Phi Sigma Alfa is the political science honor society, and the Adams State group participates in activities with the national charter. McNerny had to obtain a certain GPA and number of credits in order to be honored with the opportunity to join.

After graduation, McNerny hopes to attend law school in either Denver or Boulder. If that isn’t possible, she would like to find a job in the Alamosa area in a law field. She is thinking of staying in the Valley long-term and working on politics.

Overall, McNerny would like to encourage all students to be actively involved in political organizations on campus. “Regardless of what party you are involved in, I think it’s important to go out and represent your views,” said McNerny. She also encourages young students to develop a plan for their academic careers early on because it makes achieving your goals more realistic and easier.