Nielsen Library Policies


As long as their activities are not illegal or against campus policies, patrons may view whatever they wish on the computers. It is not the library staff's responsibility to determine what is and is not suitable for viewing.

All users must comply with ASU's Computing Services Policies.

Closed Collections

Closed collections include the Colorado Room, the Colville Room, the Cooper Room, and the Archives.

See our guide on current collections.

Read the full Closed Collections Policy

Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy covers how the library collects and assess materials to support the ASU mission.

Read the full Collection Development Policy.

Read the full Technology Collection and Equipment Policies.

Read the full Donations Policy

Food, Drink, and Tobacco

Food and drink are allowed in the library. We ask that patrons clean up after themselves and that they not bring in greasy foods or foods with a strong odor.

The computers in the first floor classroom and in the second floor student lab are governed by the policies set for all student computer labs: no food; no tobacco; drinks only if in a container with a lid.

Tobacco products are not allowed inside of the library, regardless of whether smoked or chewed.

Government Documents – Public Access

Nielsen Library is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program.  As such the library gives public assistance and access to anyone who wishes to access documents considered government information.

Read more about Government Document Access.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a privilege that comes with rights and responsibilities for the user (that's you) and the library.

Read the full Interlibrary Loan Policy

Lost and Found

The Nielsen Library sends all lost and found items to the office of the Campus Police.

Patron Behavior

To keep the library safe and pleasant for all, please observe the following:

  • Please use headphones to listen to audio (e.g., computer, MP3). Please keep the volume at a low level.
  • Please set cell phones to either vibrate or off.
  • Please keep phone conversations at a modest level.
  • If you move furniture, please put it back.
  • Shoes and shirt are required.
  • No running, climbing, skateboarding, or rollerblading.
  • No tobacco of any kind.
  • No alcohol or controlled substances.
  • No animals except for assistance or service animals.
  • No soliciting.
  • Computer equipment may not be used for money-making or commercial purposes.

Violators may be asked to leave the library. Failure to comply when asked to leave may result in an intervention by an ASU police officer or the Alamosa police.

Thesis Policy 

Students completing a Master's Thesis are expected to provide a minimum of two printed copies to the library. Binding for both copies will be paid for by the library. One copy will be retained for the library Archives Special Collection, and one copy will be sent to the student.

Read the full Thesis Policy.

Colorado Library Law