Center for Graduate Studies

Students walking on campus

Welcome to the Center for Graduate Studies at Adams State University 

Our goal is to ensure your academic success as a graduate student at ASU, whether your program is online, face-to-face (F2F) or a combination. We offer a variety of online and F2F services to our graduate students including

  • Graduate Student Orientation
  • Dedicated workspaces and meeting spaces at East Campus 
  • Laptops for checkout
  1. Coming Soon: The laptop checkout policy will be changing to meet your needs. Laptops will be available to be checked out of the Graduate Center for up to a semester at a time.    
  • Peer mentoring
  • Academic workshops
  1. Academic Writing/APA
  2. Blackboard/Technology Proficiency
  3. Library Research/Information Literacy
  4. Research Integrity
  5. Quantitative Reasoning
  6. Qualitative Reasoning
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

We look forward to working with you during your time as a Graduate Grizzly!

Academic Workshops

We offer a variety of academic workshops to assist you in your academic success. These are listed below along with a description of each. To sign up, click the link below.

  • Academic Writing/APA—this workshop is designed to assist students with academic writing such as components of a research paper, critical thinking/analysis, structuring a persuasive argument, synthesizing information, grammar/syntax/clarity, and APA citation.
  • Blackboard/Technology Proficiency—this workshop is designed to train students to more efficiently and effectively use the Blackboard online class platform including collaborate, Skype, etc.
  • Library Research/Information Literacy—this workshop provides students an introduction to the Nielsen Library including a description of library resources, effective searches in databases, writing effective literature reviews, citations, etc.
  • Research Integrity—this workshop is an overview of academic misconduct—what it is and how to avoid it, human subjects protection, research ethics and the responsible conduct of researchers (RCR).
  • Quantitative Reasoning—this workshop provides an overview of statistics and higher mathematics, quantitative data interpretation/analysis including different types of statistical software processes, and the application of statistical data.
  • Qualitative Reasoning—this workshop provides an overview of focus group and individual interviewing techniques, survey design, and qualitative data interpretation and analysis.

Apply for a Scholarship

As part of the Title V PPOHA grant, current graduate students may apply for a $100 per workshop scholarship. To be eligible, students must:

1. Hold a bachelor's degree and be currently enrolled as a graduate student.  

2. Complete any of the Academic Workshops offered by the Center for Graduate Studies, either face-to-face or online. After completion of each workshop, students must fill out the Workshop Evaluation.

3. Be Hispanic and/or low-income (150% of the poverty guidelines) as defined by the federal government.

4. Complete the current academic year FAFSA to determine income eligibility
5. Upon completion of the workshop(s), fill out the online

Apply for a Graduate Assistantship  

The Center for Graduate Studies offers two types of Graduate Assistantships: Program Assistantship and Title V Assistantship.

In order to apply for an assistantship, a graduate student must:

a. Hold a bachelor's degree and must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours during Assistantship status, including summer.

b. Students must be Hispanic and/or low income (150% of the poverty threshold). 

c. Students must submit a FAFSA for income eligibility determination.

d. Download, complete, and submit the application with appropriate documentation and signatures to the Director of Graduate Studies.

e. Application deadlines are April 30 unless otherwise stated, for the following academic year. When a vacancy occurs during the academic year, a Call for Applications (CFA) will be issued.

f. If selected for an assistantship, contracts will be issued on a per semester basis.

Academic Program Assistantships

a. Pay $2,500/semester for 10 hours per week (150 hours/semester total).

b. Students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship with an academic program must be approved by the program coordinator.

c. Please review the full list of requirements on the Application:

Title V Assistantships

a. Pay $4,500/semester for 19 hours per week (285 hours/semester total).

b. Students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship with Title V must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

c. Please review the full list of requirements on the Application:

d. Please note: assistantships for Title V are currently filled for the Fall 2017 semester.