Fast Track Student and Parent Orientation

Why is it important to have a formal orientation program for new students and parents?

The goal of the Fast Track orientation is to ensure that parents/guardians and students have a clear understanding of the program content, the program schedule, program activities and expectations for participating students. It also provides an opportunity for parents/guardians and students to meet the staff and faculty members that will be working with their student and to ask any questions they may have regarding the program. If there is sufficient interest, a campus tour will also be scheduled prior to the orientation.

Overview of Orientation Program

  1. Welcome/Introduction
  2. Description of the Title V Grant Initiatives and Funding
  3. Fast Track Goals
  4. Student Selection Process
  5. Summer Course Outline
  6. Academic Schedule
  7. Student Expectations
  8. On Campus Living
  9. Campus Authorities
  10. Emergencies
  11. Program Activities
  12. Important Dates & Times
  13. Checklist of Items to Bring
*Mandatory Parent/Student Orientation attendance on June 8th, 2013 1:00pm - 3:00pm