Transferring Credit from Adams State University

It is strongly recommended students wishing to enroll in an Adams State University course and transfer the course to their home institution seek appropriate guidance from their advisor at their home institution. The student should also seek written approval of the transfer hours at their home institution prior to enrolling at Adams State University. Many college and university registrar offices utilize standardized forms for students to use. It is the decision of the home institution accepting transfer credit on whether or not the credit will transfer, how the credits will apply toward academic requirements, and the grades required for transfer. Based on ASU Academic Policy 100-13-14 the following outlines the procedure to transfer credit from ASU to another institution of higher education:
  • Prior to enrolling in an ASU course, it is highly recommended the student seek appropriate guidance from their academic advisor at their home institution regarding possible transfer approvals.
  • It is highly recommended the student seek written approval through their home institution’s established policies and procedures and shall retain a copy of their written approval until the coursework has been transferred.
  • ASU will make available to the student course description for courses offered through the ASU catalog. Request for copies of syllabi will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The student shall enroll in the appropriate course, pay all associated tuition & fees, and provide current and accurate information required to complete ASU admission, registration, and payment forms. The student shall certify that s/he is the person who has completed the information furnished on all sections of the forms.
  • Upon completion of the course, the student may request an official transcript be sent to their home institution. Transcripts may be ordered at

Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Programs and Guided Degree Pathways

To help students avoid taking unnecessary courses and earn the degree in as little time as possible, Colorado has developed a general education curriculum that forms the core of most bachelor’s degrees and is guaranteed to transfer between all public colleges and universities within the state. Colorado has also developed guided degree pathways to eliminate the guesswork of which courses to take. Students should always seek advising from the appropriate advisor at the college or university they plan to attend to ensure they are selecting the appropriate coursework for their degree and to ensure its transferability.

To learn more about the gtPathways and Guided Degree Pathways programs please visit the Colorado Department of Higher Education website at the following: Guaranteed Transfer and Guided Pathways