Questions about Distance Degrees

Q. I am interested in your distance degree program but already have some college credits. Will they be accepted into this program?
A. Prior to your official enrollment in the distance degree program, our program advisor will do a free unofficial evaluation of your previous college work if you make the request. In the unofficial evaluation the advisor will attempt to show where your previous college credits fit into the ASU degree requirements.

Q. Where do I send my transcripts for the "unofficial" evaluation?
A. To take advantage of our free unofficial evaluation of your transfer credits, please email copies of your transcripts to: or fax them to: 719-587-7974; Attn: Advisor. Please indicate the degree(s) you are interested in and provide us with your contact information to send the unofficial evaluation results to. The unofficial evaluation is subject to change based on transfer policies during the formal review at the time of admission.

Q. What options can I use to complete an Adams State degree?
A. We offer you a wide range of options that include using credits from previous college work, Distance Learning (correspondence) courses, online courses, and testing. Additionally, the Adams State department chair may consider previous military or civilian training.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
o Students who have performed satisfactorily in college-level courses before college entrance and have demonstrated a requisite achievement (minimum scores of 50th percentile for most exams) on tests of the College Board-College Level Examination Program may submit the results to Adams State University for consideration of college credit. The Records Office will record the College credit based on determinations made by the appropriate department chair. The maximum credit on the General Exams is 18 semester hours (in the areas of Humanities, Natural Science and Social Science). The semester hours of credit for each Subject Exam as well as credit by examination in total will be determined by the appropriate department chair.

Q. I am not sure if I can complete a program without sitting in a classroom. Do you have any suggestions?
A. You might want to spend just a few minutes taking the ASU Self-Assessment for Distance Learners.

Q. How do I become admitted to Adams State and the Distance Degree Program?
A. Apply online or complete the application for admission (PDF). The official transcripts, fee, and Admission Application should be sent to:
Adams State University
Office of Extended Studies
208 Edgemont Blvd., Suite 3000
Alamosa, CO 81101

The official transcripts, fee, and Admission Application should be sent to:

Adams State University
Extended Studies - Distance Degrees
208 Edgemont Blvd., Suite 3000
Alamosa, CO 81101

Q. What are the costs?
A. Currently, the Distance Degree Program Admission Application fee is $30 (non-refundable). A one-time matriculation fee of $100 will be assessed after you submit your first course registration. This is a one-time fee only.

Tuition for each course can be found on the course listings page. Most courses have basic tuition charges but some may have additional materials fees. The cost of textbooks is not included in the course tuition.

Q. Will I be able to contact my advisor if I have questions?
A. You will be provided with your advisor's telephone number, mailing address and e-mail address.

Q. Some of my credits are from years ago. Can I still use them?
A. Any college credit earned more than 10 years before the date of admission or re-admission is not applicable toward the degree desired unless it is approved by the department chair where your intended major is located.

Q. When I complete all my requirements, when will my degree be awarded?

A. Your degree will be awarded at the end of the semester in which you completed your final courses, if the Application for Graduation was submitted on time. Graduation ceremonies are held the end of fall and spring semester. Students who complete degree requirements may participate in commencement. Information sheets giving details about graduation exercises, fees for caps, gowns, and announcements will be mailed approximately one month prior to commencement.

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