Diversity in our Curriculum

There are several diversity courses for students to enroll in and for faculty to instruct at Adams State University.

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Ongoing Courses:

  • SOC 318: Race, Class, & Gender
  • SOC 365: Race, Culture, & Ethnicity
  • SOC 419: Gender & Society
  • ECE 340: Diverse Families & Communities
  • HPPE 380: Diversity & Equity in Sport & Society
  • SPED 341: Special Education for the Diverse Student

Special Topics Diversity Courses:

ID 179: "Lifeways of the SLV" This interdisciplinary offering explores the cultural richness of the San Luis Valley within the context of the multitude of Southwestern and Upper Rio Grande traditions. The San Luis Valley geography, ecology, languages and literature, along with other elements of regional heritage, such as acequia systems, will be studied and exemplified in order to better understand local values and spiritual expressions of place. The class will be augmented by guest presentations, films, and community participation as well as by fieldtrips. Students will be encouraged to enhance the curriculum with their own personal stories