Community for Inclusive Excellence, Leadership & Opportunity

WHO WE ARE: The Community for Inclusion, Equity, Leadership, and Opportunity, CIELO, is comprised of all campus members who choose to take up this work. If you want to join in, look for working group meetings throughout the year. We collaborate on bringing inclusivity projects to reality.

VISION: CIELO leads and supports actions that transform ASU into a model for inclusive excellence by promoting equity, cultural responsiveness, diversity, and community engagement.

MISSION: Through reflection, self-assessment, and collective leadership, the CIELO advocates to eradicate structural barriers to equity and inclusion throughout our campus community.


  • Provide opportunities to develop ourselves as equity-minded practitioners who are willing to engage in the necessary, and sometimes difficult, conversations and decision making that can lead to transformational change for student learning and achievement.
  • Support campus activities that promote inclusive excellence and cultural responsiveness
  • Promote and celebrate the history and culture of the SLV and the upper Rio Grande region and build positive, intentional relationships in the region. 

The CIELO Values:

  1. Our students: resilient, diverse, and successful. 
  2. What it means to Adams to be a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) 
  3. Allies and Advocacy Sustaining a collective leadership structure, respecting the leadership of all who take up this work. 
  4. Deepening our personal awareness and responsibility around bias, equity, and institutional change. 
  5. Evidence-based decision making that is balanced with multiple ways of knowing Inclusive Excellence 
  6. Opportunities and safety for all to speak. 
  7. Courageous and difficult conversations 
  8. SLV cultural heritages and contexts 
  9. Action 
  10. Courage.

CIELO Initiatives: Invitations to Collaborate 

CIELO Connections Faculty & Staff Mentoring Program:

  • Learn more about our new mentoring program for new or mid-career faculty and professional staff:

CIELO Climate Report

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