Community & Visitors

As the Regional Education Provider (REP) for Southern Colorado, Adams State is an integral partner in the communities it serves, assisting in enhancement of:

  1. Educational Opportunity
  2. Economic Development
  3. Cultural Enrichment

Adams State continues its historic commitment to and tradition of working with underserved populations, including underrepresented minorities, first-generation and low-income students.

For Our Community

    Great Stories at Adams State

    Adams State Theatre presents The Last Flapper

    “Zelda really was her own person and truly did not care what other people thought of her. I love her confidence so much. She was feminist before that word was a common term.”

    Coffee and integrity inspire gift to Adams State

    It all began when, in a linear algebra class, Dr. Stephen Aldrich repeated the quote “Mathematicians are devices for turning coffee into theorems.”

    United States Magistrate Judge named ASU Outstanding Alumna

    “I am so very humbled and honored to be invited to join the group of recognized distinguished Adams State alumni,” Holmes said.