Concurrent Enrollment - On-Campus Courses for High School Students

Qualified high school students may be eligible to register for college courses on campus at Adams State

$144.55 per credit hour

 To be eligible for the concurrent enrollment program, students must be approved by their high school and meet all pre-requisites, including minimum placement testing requirements, for each course they choose to take. Students choosing to take advantage of this program should contact the Office of Extended Studies at 719-587-8144.

Application Requirements for a First-Time HS Concurrent Student

  • Please complete both the Application Form and the Agreement Form below.
  • Submit official HS Transcripts and ACT or ACCUPLACER Scores 
  • Apply for COF (College Opportunity Fund)

Application Requirements for a Returning HS Concurrent Student

  • Please complete the Agreement Form below only.
  • Returning students do not need to re-submit Official HS transcripts and scores
  • Apply for COF (College Opportunity Fund)

Suggested Guaranteed Transfer Courses (GT)

  • ART 103 (Art Appreciation - GT-AH1)
  • ENG 101 (Communication Arts I - GT-CO1)
  • GOVT 291 (American Government - GT-SS1)
  • HGP 110 (Development of Civilization I - GT-HI1)
  • MATH 104 (Finite Mathematics - GT-MA1)
  • MATH 106 (College Algebra - GT-MA1)
  • MUS 100 (Introduction to Music Literature - GT-AH1)
  • PSYC 101 (Introduction to Psychology - GT-SS3)
  • SOC 201 (The Sociological Imagination - GT-SS3)
  • THTR 180 (Introduction to Theater - GT-AH1)