Incentives for New Mexico Residents

Adams State University is recognized for offering one of Colorado’s most affordable bachelor’s degrees and we have a commitment to extending this value to New Mexico residents through a variety of initiatives.


  1. New Mexico residents are eligible for the New Mexico Reciprocity Tuition Program. (Undergraduate, on-campus students only.)

    This program allows New Mexico residents to pay tuition equivalent to the in-state resident rate, an annual savings of over $11,000 per year.

    To qualify, students must (1) be a US citizen or permanent resident, (2) graduate from a New Mexico high school, and (3) have attended a New Mexico high school for at least three consecutive years. Reciprocity tuition is renewable for four years by maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

  2. Guaranteed Tuition applies to all New Mexico residents paying reciprocal tuition and ensures that tuition will remain the same for up to four years.

  3. The Grizzly Partner Scholarship is a housing incentive for residents of the San Luis Valley and the bordering New Mexico counties of Rio Arriba, and Taos. The incentive currently provides $3,200 per year for a student's first two years on-campus. Students must be admitted for the Fall semester and no separate application is required.

  4. Automatic Merit-based Scholarships.

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