Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

 I applied online, now what do I need to do?

Send in official transcripts-high school or college and if you are a first time student, send in official ACT or SAT scores.

Once my application is received, how long will it be before I hear whether I'm accepted or not?

Once we receive all requested documents, it usually takes about a week. However, during our busiest time,s it can take up to 4 weeks to get your letter of acceptance or denial.

I applied for Adams State for a previous term but didn't attend, do I have to re-apply?

Yes, you have to submit an application for admission. We keep your previous application as well as any documents you sent in for 2 years, but we must have an updated application and any transcripts that weren't submitted previously, ie: a final high school transcript or transcripts from colleges attended since the previous application was submitted.

If I attended Adams State, how many semesters can I miss before I have to re-apply?

3 semesters, including summer.

For students that are applying for re-admission and have not attended another school, we now require an official FINAL high school transcript (with date of graduation on it) in their file. If we never received one, students have to have one sent before they can be re-admitted.

I have copies of my official transcript (or test scores), can I just mail those to you?

As long as they are in a sealed envelope from the school, we can accept them. ACT or SAT scores have to either be on an official high school transcript or come directly from ACT or CollegeBoard. GED scores must come in a sealed envelope from either the institution where the GED was taken or the Department of Education for the state where it was taken. We cannot accept scores that have been printed off by the student.

Do you accept faxed transcripts?


I was accepted to Adams State but I'm not going to attend, what do I need to do?

Please email to request your application be withdrawn. This email request will trigger other departments (the business office, records/registration, housing and financial aid) to withdraw the student from their areas also.