Travel at ASU

State Fiscal Rule 5-1

Per State of Colorado Fiscal Rules, Rule 5-1, Paragraph 3.2, travel charged to the State regardless of the funding source, shall be for the benefit of the State, only for the time period necessary, and completed using the most economical means available which will satisfactorily accomplish the State's business.

The following rules and definitions apply to all travel paid with University funds - no matter the source of the funds - and to all individuals engaged in such travel, whether administration, faculty, staff, students, or non-employees traveling on University business. Travel expenses paid by the University must be incurred for the benefit of the State, in futherance of the University's mission, and in support of assigned duties.

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Travel Expense forms and 2-part NCR Travel Requests are also available in the Accounting Office, RH 3-307.

Travel Information

Potential Cost Saving Tips for Travel

The following link is a list of potential cost saving tips for travel related expenses, these are only suggestions not rules.