ASU Mailrooms

Student Mailroom in the Student Union Building:

Richardson Hall Mailroom (Main Office):

Addressing Information

Mail and Packages

Name - Department
208 Edgemont 4 digit Mailroom SUITE # (NOT BUILDING/ROOM/SUITE or UNIT)
Alamosa, CO 81101

  • Your physical address may contain a suite or room number, it is NOT the same as your mailing address / suite number. Dept. Suite numbers and number of staff
  • To help expedite our process include BOTH the DEPARTMENT and the 4 DIGIT MAILROOM SUITE NUMBER on all correspondence and packages

Freight Deliveries

Name - Department
Building - Room Number
Alamosa, CO 81101

Inter-Office Mail

  • Use the recipient’s name and department. Do not use first class envelopes for inter office mail.
  • Bulk invitations or fliers to staff and faculty should be bundled and clearly labeled by department with the appropriate number of pieces for that department.

Outgoing Mail

  • DO NOT leave international, student, inter-office or letters not requiring postage on the counter. All of these should be placed in the appropriate slots on the lobby wall.
  • All other outgoing mail should be placed on the counter with all the addresses facing the same direction, with sealed envelopes and unsealed envelopes separated.
  • Do NOT overlap envelope flaps the machine cannot process them. We will return them to your department so you can correct the problem.
  • When the mailroom window is closed leave your mail in the ASU green drop box outside, we check it daily.

All outgoing mail received by 4:00 pm will go out the following business day. Incoming mail is available in department mailboxes by 10:30 daily.