Transferring Credits

  • Adams State will accept work in which grades of A, B, C, P (pass), CR (credit) and S were earned for transfer credit.
  • Courses in which a grade of D was earned are not accepted for transfer unless the course is an integral part of an associate of arts or associate of science degree.
  • Students with advanced placement scores of 3 or higher and CLEP scores in the 50th percentile or higher may receive credit upon approval by the department chair of the appropriate department.
  • Vocational courses and courses which are listed as "no equivalent" at Adams State can be considered for credit if grades of A, B, or C have been earned. Course equivalency should be approved by the appropriate department chair.
    • Credit that may satisfy major requirements must be approved by the department chair of the student's major.
  • There is no limit to the number of transfer hours accepted. However, students are required to complete a minimum of 30 institutional hours to obtain a BA or BS degree.
  • Transfer students are urged to visit the campus and meet with the transfer student coordinator to ensure a smooth transition of transfer credits.
  • Transfer credit more than 10 years old must be evaluated by the transfer student coordinator (if the course falls under the general education requirements or equivalent) or the department chair of the area offering the course for which the credit would be issued.
  • The technology proficiency exam and writing assessment are institutional graduation requirements that must be satisfied.

How Adams State Evaluates Courses: