Zachary Burrell - 2009 Theatre Alumnus



Zachary is currently in Chile working for a company called ARTSPOT based out of Buenos Aires in Argentina. This is the second tour that he has done with them, which will cover Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, and Taiwan. The company presents theatre in English to help students hear the language spoken by native speakers.

Upon graduation from Adams State, Zachary moved to Louisville, where he worked for a couple small companies most prominently one called Theatre 502, a company focusing on newer, contemporary plays. Professionally, he has worked with the Kentucky Shakespeare and Stage One.

"I'd say the greatest opportunity Adams State provided me was the hands on experience of working in a smaller program that allowed many opportunities to perform. Some of my peers come from larger more "prestigious" acting programs, but in the end, I found more stage time and actual professor interaction than they did. All of those things have helped me as a professional working in larger markets."

– Zachary Burrell