Technology Proficiency Information

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Academic Council and Faculty Senate have both voted to eliminate the Technology Proficiency Graduation Requirement for all current and future students.

Some academic departments have chosen to maintain the requirement for certain majors (Business, Teacher Education, and Nursing, to name a few).  Students should check with their academic advisors to see whether there is a technology proficiency requirement in their majors.

What is the Technology Proficiency exam?

For the departments that still require students to demonstrate technology proficiency:  one option for demonstrating appropriate skill is the "Technology Proficiency Exam".

The examination consists of four individual tests covering Computer Literacy, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. A score of 70% or higher in each content area is required to fulfill the technology proficiency.

If a student passes three of the four content areas, the student need only retake the exam for the one area he/she did not pass.

However, if a student fails two or more of the content areas, he/she must take (and pass) all four content area exams to fulfill the technology proficiency requirement.

Students are allowed three attempts to pass the Technology Proficiency exam, each subject to the examination fee.

Study Guides

Grizzly Testing & Learning Center (GTLC) Policy & Procedures

Students must:

  • Schedule an exam time to ensure testing room and computer availability
  • Testing for the Technology Proficiency exam is subject to availability and must be schedule at least 24 hours in advance
  • During normal hours: Full attempts cannot be taken after 1:00 pm; Single section attempts cannot be taken after 4:00 pm
  • During Breaks: Full attempts cannot be taken after 12:00 pm; Single section attempts cannot be taken after 3:00 pm
  • Present a clear and valid photo ID
  • Receipt of payment is required before administration can begin
  • $25 fee per exam must be paid at the ASU Student Union Building cashier prior to exam
  • Secure all personal belongings and unauthorized testing aids including cell phones and other electronic devices