The Porter Scholars Program at ASU

Criteria for Selection

  • All science and mathematics majors are eligible to participate in the Porter Scholars program.
  • For first year applicants, a composite academic index will be derived from the high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores.
  • A major in science or mathematics must be declared, and the student must be enrolled in the appropriate course(s) for the major for the first year. Students may not apply for support as a Porter Scholar if they are enrolled in any developmental course.

First-time applicants must follow the instructions at:

Continuing Porter Scholars should follow the instructions given at:

Value of Scholarships

  • All students selected as Porter Scholars will receive a scholarship.
  • The value of the scholarship will be dependent on unmet financial need (cost of attendance minus estimated family contribution) and the earnings of the endowment.
  • Cost of attendance and unmet need may be increased by costs of Focused Academic Programs.

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