ASU Mathematics Placement Policy

In Fall 2016, Adams State will begin placing students into mathematics courses using ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning). Students entering Adams State University with an ACT Mathematics score of less than 19 (or an SAT Mathematics score below 460 (for scores prior to March 2016) or below 500 (for scores after March 2016)) are required to take the Adams State ALEKS Mathematics Placement prior to enrolling in a mathematics course. The placement mechanism allows each student up to five assessments. Students have the option of working with ALEKS in learning mode between assessments to attempt to improve their placement.

Placement based on ALEKS is described in the table below.

ALEKS Score Course(s)
76-100 MATH 120
61-75 MATH 107
46-60 MATH 106
30-45 MATH 099, MATH 104, MATH 110, or MATH 150
14-29 MATH 097
0-13 MATH 095

Note: In accordance with Colorado statewide policy, students with an ACT MATH score of 19 or higher are eligible to enroll in either MATH 150 or MATH 104. However, these students are strongly encouraged to take the ALEKS placement exam in order to maximize the options available and identify the recommended course(s).

Off-site Proctoring

Proctoring for the second through fifth assessments is available through Examity, an external company. This is not the same off-site proctoring service used for the ACCUPLACER!

Examity is an option for students who are not on campus but would like to take their next assessment within the ALEKS program. The cost to use Examity is $23 per assessment and is the responsibility of the student- not ASU.

You will need to have a computer with a web camera and a microphone as well as a quiet area to take your exam. No one else can be present in the room when you take your assessment. You will also need to be able to provide a valid government ID each time you use Examity.

To take an assessment with Examity, you must first set up an appointment. If you request taking the assessment within 24 hours there will be an additional on-demand charge of $5, bringing your total to $28.

If you have time accommodations, you must take the paperwork to GTLC before setting up the appointment with Examity. 

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Find out which math classes you need to take:

Which mathematics course you need is determined by your major as indicated in the table below.

Intended Major Course
Art Any
Biology & Earth Sciences (Geology/Phys Geog) MATH 106
Business MATH 104 Preferred, MATH 106 OK
Chemistry MATH 106 or MATH 120
Computer Science MATH 120
English/Theatre/Communications Any
HAPPSS (includes Spanish) Any
HPPE: K-12 Education or Sport Mgmt MATH 150 Preferred, MATH 104 OK
HPPE: Exercise Science MATH 106
Information Technology MATH 106 or MATH 120
Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Ed) MATH 104
Mathematics or Physics MATH 120
Music Any
Nursing MATH 104 or MATH 106
Pre-Engineering MATH 120
Psychology MATH 104 or MATH 106
Sport Psychology MATH 104 or MATH 106
Sociology MATH 106 Preferred, MATH 104 OK