Minor in Adventure Leadership & Programming


While students learn a variety of skills such as constructing climbing anchors, avalanche terrain assessment, risk assessment, or how to teach experientially, the core of an ALP course focuses on developing the person to be a better version of themself. 

ALP students gain the experience and confidence necessary to lead and collaborate well with others. The ALP prepares graduates for leadership roles primarily through field based courses such as a 14 day backpacking course.

In this particular course, students learn many skills such as navigation, environmental ethics, and how to cook delicious meals in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, students practice leading and teaching to develop skills that are useful in any future role and responsibility they may have.

rock climbing

Many Grizzlies majoring in the  Earth Sciences or Wildlife Biology, for example, add the ALP minor to give them more experience and confidence in the outdoors. Students interested in a major in ALP can work with the program coordinator to create an Interdisciplinary degree plan that combines the ALP with one or two other relevant areas of interest. 

The courses within this 21 credit hour minor build upon each other with the intention of deepening your learning, enhancing your judgment, and increasing your capabilities as you apply your skills in a variety of challenging contexts.

Courses Included in the Minor:


  • Intro to Adventure & Leadership
  • The Alp Expedition
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Challenge Course Facilitator
  • Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Winter Leadership Intensive
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Alp Mountaineering Capstone Experience