AAA 101 and You

Academic Achievement Strategies at Adams

This course introduces students to college culture and prepares them for the challenges they will face in higher education. Through a series of interactive seminars, students discover learning in a multicultural environment and use college and community resources to attain education and career goals.

Why take AAA?

AAA is designed to give students common sense experiences and "show the ropes" to help them along their journey toward college success!

This first-semester foundations course will build practical and time-tested habits to make students' experience in college easier, smoother, and more efficient, economical, and enjoyable.

What will students gain?

  • A community of first-year peers.
  • Connections with energetic instructors.
  • Tools for transitioning into college.
  • Practical strategies for:
    • time management
    • reading, writing, and note-taking
    • engaging in class
    • studying and test-taking
  • Engaged learning in inclusive settings.
  • Relationships within the college community.
  • Awareness surrounding:
    • Learning styles
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Health and wellness.
  • Knowledge about student support programs.
  • Help with registration, majors, and careers.
  • Information literacy and library skills.
  • Financial literacy for school and life.

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What do we do in AAA?

Classes employ a mixture of instructor lessons, group discussion, readings, guest speakers, campus exploration, interactive activities, self-discovery tools, written assignments, reflections, and projects.

Who should take AAA?

Student Athletes
Learning Community Members
Students Who Want to Succeed!

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