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Social Media Communications

The use of social media websites is increasingly common for University departments, students and employees and these communications tools have the potential to create a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. Adams State has developed five essential steps to help manage officially- recognized ASU social media accounts. 

Five Essential Steps | Social Media Accounts

  1. Establish account with an institutional email rather than personal email; keep account information in an area where it is accessible in the event of staff turnover or if the main account holder is not available.
  2. Frequency is the key to building audience. At a minimum, post content on the platform several times a week, if not daily. Posts with carefully chosen visuals get more attention. Keep any video posts to seconds, not minutes. Adams State does maintain a YouTube channel and can upload onto the channel via requests made to ASU Public Relations and Marketing Department.
  3. Social Media platforms are publishing platforms and therefore searchable and discoverable. Think about content before posting; remember that once it's published, it can be discovered by a broader audience than the audience following the account or the intended audience for the content. Good rule of thumb: Think before you post. Review and re-read content a second time before it is posted. Use #adamsstate #adamsstateuniversity as much as possible.
  4. Discover your voice. Give serious thought to what you are trying to convey and how you are saying it. Words and tone matter. Adams State through its main accounts seeks to be conversational and to engage its audiences. How we do that, however, varies from platform to platform. ASU manages accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. ASU will follow all other sub-ASU accounts and will help share content posted on sub-ASU accounts.
  5. Ladders of engagement: Social media platforms are designed and intended to be two-way conversational platforms, not one-way megaphones. Once you've posted content, do you then have a "team of champions" who will help by sharing it, commenting on it, or liking it? If so, your content will rise to the next step on the ladder. Do you have any celebrities or influencers on your "team of champions?" If so, your content will climb yet another step on the ladder of engagement. Give some thought to how you engage with your audience and what your intentions are when you engage. Also, give thought to sponsored posts. A little money spent will go a long way to further your reach.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications oversees the University's overall web strategy and Content Management System. 

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