Creating Web Sites with the Bricolage CMS

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NOTE: Never use Internet Explore when using Bricolage.  Always use Firefox!

Web sites use a variety of elements - PDFs, images, individual pages, navigation, links, and text. This tutorial site will show you:

  1. How to create the PDFs and images that you will want to have in your site. We will refer to images and PDFs as "media elements."
  2. How to make the site itself - these are the site's pages (Bricolage calls them "stories") as well as the navigation that ties those pages together. 
  3. How to add links and words to the stories and navigation that you have created.
  4. How to publish your finished site.

Begin by viewing the following screen-casts:

To make the screen-casts bigger, click the arrows on the lower-right side of the recording

Start here:

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