Vandyck and Adams State are a natural fit

Amy Vandyck-main image

Coming to Adams State College allowed Amy Vandyck '07 to pursue her dream of teaching.

Before Vandyck came to Adams State, she attended the University of Northern Colorado in Denver. Although she said the Center for Urban Education program is wonderful, she knew she could not maintain her grades or herself if she had to work two part-time jobs while going to school full-time.

"I knew I couldn't keep it up and I wanted out of Denver," she said. "An old friend of mine was going here and told me how much he loved it. I enrolled sight unseen." Vandyck is majoring in elementary education and Spanish. She said she loves working with children and always wanted to be a teacher.

"I can't imagine another job where I could make such a difference in the lives of so many, while still having fun," she said.

At first, Vandyck only planned to study Spanish as an emphasis for her teaching degree, but a professor convinced her to take it on as a second major.

"As I started going through the program, I realized how much I love the language, and now I'm really glad I decided to add it as a major," Vandyck said.

In the future, Vandyck would like to teach in another country or at a dual immersion school. In dual immersion schools, all lessons are taught in two languages.

She already has her own ideas about teaching. Vandyck said she believes every child is special and has special needs.

"All children are capable of so much, we just don't always see it right away," she said. "It is a teacher's job to find a child's gifts and use them to help that child succeed."

In addition to helping Vandyck complete her degrees, Adams State College provided another benefit.

"Before I came here I was very lost in life," Vandyck said. "Now I know who I am and am a lot more confident in myself."