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Thompson wrestles with science and sports

Aaron Thompson,'07, takes down opponents on the mat and tracks down animals in their habitat. Thompson is majoring in biology with an emphasis in wildlife management and wrestled for the Adams State Grizzlies.

He said he is majoring in biology because he wants to work outdoors and enjoys learning about animals.

"I've been interested in animals ever since I was a little kid. They have always fascinated me."

Thompson began wrestling in seventh grade and wrestled for Adams State for five years.

"Wrestling was a lot of fun because I learned a lot about technique and I made good friends on the team," Thompson said.

"Aaron serves on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and is really dedicated to the team," sports information director, Chris Day said. "That's what impresses me most about him."

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Because he is a science major and was a wrestler, Thompson said he learned to be efficient in time management in order to maintain his grade point average.

"It is hard to be a science major and participate in a sport, so I really learned how to study in my free time, even if that is on a weekend," he said.

This summer, Thompson is going on a trip to Kenya with Adams State College. He said students and faculty will be going a national park and preserve in order to witness the massive migration of herd animals.

"I have never been outside the country and this is going to be awesome," Thompson said. "It's a once in a lifetime trip to be able to go and see the animals but what's making it worthwhile is the cultural experience."

Thompson said he originally came to Adams State from Kansas because it is small and has a wildlife biology program, but he has really enjoyed its location the most.

"I enjoy being able to see views you only see on postcards back home."

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