Music major chose Adams State after visiting campus during honor choir

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Camille Schrecengost sings to Toby Schrecengost during fall 05 Winterfest.

Senior Camille Schrecengost became an Adams State music education and performance major after she participated in the college's annual Honor Choir.

Adams State's Honor Choir selects about twenty-five high school students from throughout the state to participate in three days of workshops and performance.

"I liked the program and the professors," Schrecengost said. "I decided to attend Adams State and major in music." She had to audition to be in the program.

Her high school choir director, Ms. Christine Kafka, in Ellicott, Colo. encouraged her. "She taught me the music for my audition and even drove me down here," Schrecengost said.

Being a music major requires a lot of devotion. "It is very time consuming," Schrecengost said. "If you don't stick with it you won't get far."

She said she understands and respects her music professors for pushing her.

"I believe Dr. Keitges (professor of music) is an amazing vocal teacher," Schrecengost said. "She is very stern and pushes me to better myself. She has done so many great things for me."

"Cammie is a very talented singer," Keitges said. "She has been very dedicated to her music major when it would have been easier to go another way."

Schrecengost wants to teach at the elementary level.

"Children in the early grades are like sponges," Schrecengost said. "They get excited for everything. I will consider graduate school to continue with my vocal studies because I do enjoy singing."

"Cammie will be a wonderful teacher at whatever level," Keitges said. "She is a great person and people are drawn to her."

Schrecengost was asked to sing the Star Spangle Banner at a nationalization ceremony held at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Sept.

"It was a really cool ceremony," Schrecengost said. "It was great to be a part of the event."

Schrecengost said her favorite place to perform has been Hamilton Hall at Denver University's Lamont School of Music, while her favorite experience was at a concert in Alamosa's Sacred Heart Church.

"The music hall is so big and beautiful," Schrecengost said. "At the Sacred Heart Church the sun was coming through the stained glass windows and the music touched me on a level I can't express in words, just feel."

She recently married Toby Schrecengost '06, whom she met her first year at Adams State.

"Toby was my resident assistant my freshman year," Schrecengost said. "We started dating my sophomore year and married in Aug. 06"

She performs in the Chamber and Concert Choirs on campus and was a vocalist in the jazz vocal group, 68 West.

"I was in 68 West for three years," Schrecengost said. "I knew my last year would be very intense and I wanted to give others a chance."

During the fall 2006 semester she has performed in the Opera Workshop and the Fall Choral Concert. She will also sing in the Handel's Messiah, Dec. 3 and the Winterfest Concert, Dec. 10.

"My parents are probably the proudest people," Schrecengost said. "They have always encouraged me and are proud I do what I want."

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