Runyan has a recipe for a perfect date

adam runyan main image

Adam Runyan and his wife have dinner in Mexico.

Usually when people plan a romantic dinner, their plans do not include children. However, for Adams State College student, Adam Runyan, spending an evening with two children and his wife describes a perfect date for him.

Runyan spent one week in Xalapa, Mexico during March 2005. He went on a mission trip with the Adams State College Campus Crusade for Christ club. This was Campus Crusade's fourth Spring Break trip to Mexico.

Runyan is a senior majoring in sociology/criminology at Adams State College.

While he was in Xalapa, Runyan remembers two young children selling flowers to make money and feed themselves. He and his wife were planning to have dinner in a nicer restaurant, but decided to invite the children to dinner with them.

"They took us to a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and we asked them to order for us," Runyan said. "It was the best date I could ever imagine. It was so much fun."

Runyan said Campus Crusade mainly focuses on evangelism, but also provides some service to the homeless while in Xalapa.

He described the mission trip as amazing and life changing.

"It puts things in perspective, what's really important in life," he said. "You think you go there to help them, but they help you."