Linda Pacheco Demski

Linda Pacheco Demski

Linda Pacheco Demski smiles as her elegant vase slowly spins to a stop on the pottery wheel. "I really thought that an advanced degree in art was beyond my reach," she says, "but the Masters program here at Adams State has provided me with that opportunity."

Linda, who has taken numerous undergraduate courses in art since 1970, eventually decided on a Bachelors degree in Business Management. Her passion for ceramics still lingered, however, and she searched for a way to continue her study. She found it here at Adams State. "To be able to come back as a non-traditional student and study art in a graduate program has been such a gift," says Linda. "I didn't think programs like this existed."

Linda is referring to the Adams State College Master of Arts in Art program--the only graduate art program offered in southern Colorado. It draws a diverse population of students not only from Colorado, but also from all over the nation.

According to Margaret Doell, Chair of the Art Department, the Masters program is designed for a variety of artistic ambitions. "Students graduating with a degree in art who would like to continue their study in a particular artistic discipline, art educators looking for growth opportunities, and established artists who wish to develop a cohesive body of work would all be good candidates for this Masters degree," says Doell.

The Art Department offers concentrations in ceramics, drawing, metalsmithing, open media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Candidates need to have a Bachelors degree, complete the equivalent of an undergraduate major in art, and have a portfolio available for review. Interested parties should contact the Art Department or the Graduate School.

Linda is now in the middle of her second semester, and her studio space is becoming a little crowded. New ceramic work sits proudly on the shelves that line the walls. Photographs and drawings from some of the interdisciplinary courses she has taken are displayed where space allows. Her vision has recently taken her in a new direction, and she is excited about the more abstract clay models she is working on for a large installation piece. Again, a smile lights up her face.

"When I started this journey 35 years ago, I didn't realize I'd end up here. It was always my intention to explore my art, and I have finally found a place where I can do so."

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