Nevarez trades one court for another

Clara Nevarez

Leaving the desert behind and setting her sights on a brighter future in the legal system, Clara Nevarez came to Adams State College from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Nevarez is a senior majoring in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and plans to attend law school after graduation.

"I have always dreamed of becoming a judge or having some part in the legislative branch," she said. "I feel by doing this, I can have a positive impact on society and give back to my roots and my people."

Not only is she able to maintain a 3.97 GPA, but Nevarez was also a co-captain of the women's basketball team for most of her college career.

"I played basketball because I enjoyed working with my teammates everyday," Nevarez said. "They became my new family away from home."

Nevarez said a trip to Seattle, Washington brought the team closer together.

"The trip was great for bringing our team together. I had never bonded with a group of individuals like I did on that trip."

Since her arrival at Adams State, Nevarez said she has enjoyed her time here.

"One of the things I enjoy most about Adams State is the relationship with the professors," Nevarez said. "My business professors support me in everything I do."

Nevarez also said her parents support her in everything.

"They are my whole source of stability," she said. "They never miss a chance to tell me how proud they are of what I've accomplished so far, and anything else would only be icing on the cake for them."

Nevarez does not need a degree in law to give back to her community. Since 2002, she has been a volunteer for the Alamosa Family Recreation Center and Alamosa Special Olympics.

"I want to be a role model to the kids in my community, because some kids don't have parents or relatives that made it college," she said. "I want them to see that their goals can be a reality."