Mondragon finds family help is key to success as student

carrie ann mondragon image

Carrie Ann Mondragon '06 is used to a hectic schedule. She manages to hold a part-time job, go to Adams State College full-time and be mom and wife to family in San Luis.

She said the support of her husband has been monumental in her success.

"It's crazy to juggle family, work and school," Mondragon said. "I couldn't do it without the help of my husband, Dwight."

It also helps that she enjoys her job with The Nurse Family Partnership.

"I love my job," Mondragon said. "I visit first time moms and help them adjust."

She has been an registered nurse since 1998 and received her licensed practical nurse degree in 1995.

"I've always been a nurturer," Mondragon said. "Even when I was young I watched out for my cousins when we were together."

After high school Mondragon went to the University of Northern Colorado and in a career placement class realized she was cut out to be a nurse.

"No matter how many of the tests I took it always narrowed to nursing," Mondragon said.

Mondragon plans on completing a master's in nursing in the future.

"I want to start by getting medical surgical experience," Mondragon said. "Once our children are grown I'd like to be a traveling nurse and eventually open an assisted living facility in San Luis."

Long ago Mondragon set her sights for the BSN program.

"I was once told I couldn't make it," Mondragon said. "I thought, 'want to see me.'"