Jackson's upbeat personality attracts others

donnell jackson

Seventh grade changed Donnell Jackson forever. Today, Jackson is a confident, outgoing, and compassionate person. He is not a person who passes people with his head down, instead he is the person who greets everyone warmly and exudes an air of friendliness. Surprisingly, Jackson has not been this way his whole life.

"When I was younger, I never really talked to people," he said. "Then when I was in seventh grade I met some people who broke me out of my shell."

Now, Jackson is surrounded by friends.

"Being introverted was hurting me," Jackson said. "There are a lot of great people to meet and I want to make friends with everyone because I believe everyone should have friends."

Jackson '10, an Adams State College student, plans to major in music as well as math. Both majors reflect Jackson's childhood passions.

He is majoring in math because Adams State offers a math degree with an emphasis in physics and he has wanted to be a scientist since he was a child.

"I already decided to become a music major before I got here," Jackson said about his first choice of major. "I love music and have been playing the tuba since the sixth grade."

His outgoing personality helped him adjust to being far away from home. Jackson came to Adams State College from Lake Wales, Florida.

"There are a lot of great people here and it helps a lot to know you have people you can turn to when you're really in need," he said.

Professor Camp helped Jackson get acclimated to Adams State College.

"I think that Donnell is one of those young people who is "high" on life," Camp said. "He has an infectious personality. I'm pretty sure he has never met a stranger."

Jackson and Camp developed a close relationship over the course of one semester.

"I'm so far away from my family and it's hard for me," Jackson said. "Mr. Camp has literally adopted me as a son. He's a really great guy and teacher."

There is a mutual respect and admiration between Camp and Jackson.

"I guess the reason Donnell and I clicked was because he has a sense of humor and he was exuberant, excited, he wasn't afraid of the unknown," Camp said about Jackson's personality. "That is a quality that I find very important in successful people's lives. He is willing to embrace challenges without reservation."

As a result of his desire to meet new people and stay active, Jackson is involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities on campus. He is a member of the Grizzly Activities Board, Gamers United, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild, Band, Wind Ensemble, and the Music First Year Interest Group. He is also DJ Black for the college radio station, KASF 90.9.

Since high school, Jackson has embraced his school spirit.

"I did so much in high school, I could not stand not doing something," he said about his involvement. "I love getting out there and meeting people."