Journalism runs in Green's family

joe green image

Joe Green '07 is the Adams State College 2006/2007 South Coloradan editor and was the editor for a weekly paper out of San Luis, La Sierra.

"I was the sports editor for the South Coloradan last year," Green said. "And after my father passed away unexpectedly in December, I took over running La Sierra with my mom as associate editor."

Green's father had been in the business for approximately ten years.

"We moved to San Luis when I was about ten years old," Green said. "When I tell people I want to be a journalist, they say, 'oh like your dad.' He wasn't really the type to talk me into be a journalist just because he was one. But once I made the decision, I know he was happy about it and he taught me a lot."

It was a Hunter S. Thompson book that inspired Green to write.

"My decision to be a journalist was a recent development," Green said. "I didn't know what I wanted to do. I picked up Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and that one book changed my life. I saw what could be done with words and from that moment wanted to be a writer."

Coming back to the San Luis Valley was a positive decision Green said.

"I am glad I picked Adams State," Green said. "I am impressed with the quality of our professors. I have received a lot more opportunities here than I would at a larger university."

An opportunity Adams State College offers students is to be on the staff of the South Coloradan.

"I like the fact that the college paper is student run," Green said. "It is a good experience to be in charge of the paper and not answer to anyone."

Green said he has his own philosophy on journalism and journalistic integrity.

"I think news should come first," Green said. "Today papers are at the mercy of the advertisers. I also appreciate experimental journalism. As long as the article is well-researched and not libelous, I am open to different styles of writing. I believe it is good to break the mold now and then."

Besides journalism, Green said he also enjoys writing fiction.

"I am always working on a novel," Green said. "I do it mostly for practice until I get to where I feel I am at a point I can write more seriously."

Although his father was already an editor of a paper, Green believes the college experience is worthwhile.

"I am glad I went the college route," Green said. "College has honed my skills and the experience you get in college you can't get anywhere else."