Adams State starts Givens on the trail of Park Service career

It isn't just the classroom experience that makes Angela Givens '05 pleased she transferred to Adams State College from Barton City Community College in Great Bend, Kan.

"I knew I wanted a four-year degree," said Givens. "Adams State College accepted all my credits, and it only took two more years to earn my BA in history."

Like many before her, she appreciated the small class size.

"I received a lot of one-on-one personal attention from all my professors," Givens said. "The professors were always in their offices during offices hours, and were good at communicating through e-mail. I didn't have to track anyone down."

Her experiences outside the classroom helped her land her dream job.

"I was a work-study student in the Luther Bean Museum," said Givens. "I gave tours, monitored special events and helped keep up the general maintenance of the place. I believe having those skills on my resume contributed to me working in Yellowstone National Park."

She started her new job in the park immediately after spring commencement. Givens is working for one of the vendors in the park at a visitor center.

"I believe this job will be a good step towards my dream job as a guide for the National Park Service," said Givens.

She said knowing people on campus, clean dorms, low crime rate, and a convenient campus all contributed to her positive college life.

"Adams State College was affordable and accepted my credits," said Givens. "It was a great experience. I am well prepared for my future goals."