Adams State College student places in Colorado State Fair Fiesta Queen

Adams State College student, Sabrina Garcia, was chosen second attendant during the Colorado State Fair Fiesta Queen pageant held the weekend of June 14. "My heart was beating so fast," she said. "I didn't expect them to call my name."

For the talent portion of the pageant, Garcia sang "Will you still love me tomorrow." She said, throughout the summer, she will be busy on weekends appearing in parades as the Fiesta Queen attendant. She just completed her freshman year at Adams State. Upon entering college, Garcia declared a theater major.

Last spring, she was cast as a lead character in "Love Talker," by Deborah Pryor, directed by Elizabeth Wellman, May 2008 theater graduate. "Sabrina is absolutely one of the freshest, most exciting people I've met at Adams State," Wellman said. "She is fearless, energetic and completely committed to excellence. Very few people exhibit the kind of sincerity and humility I have seen in her. During the production, I noticed such an eagerness and hunger for new knowledge. Every night of rehearsal, she was like a new creature, completely committed to that moment. She has fervor about her, a passion."

After a discussion with Dr. Stephen Roberds, associate professor of government, Garcia added political science as a second major. "I have always had an interest in politics and how it affects the world," she said. "I want to understand politics in-depth."

Garcia is a first-generation college student who says she was "so happy" when her parents let her begin her first job, at a Halloween store in the Flat Iron Crossing Mall. Since then she has worked at a Dairy Queen, Alliance Data, and is currently working at Adams State's Welcome Center. "My career plans, after college, are not certain yet, but I do know that I want to do something that gives back to the community."

Eric Carpio, director of admissions, is her supervisor. "We're very lucky to have Sabrina as a student employee in the Welcome Center," he said. "Students and staff find Sabrina fun to be around, and her energy and positive attitude are contagious. I'm extremely proud of what Sabrina has accomplished during her short time at Adams State. Sabrina's a great example of what's possible when a student is willing to work hard and fully embrace the college experience."

Besides working over 20 hours a week, Garcia is taking summer courses and was the house manager for the summer children's theater performances in Alamosa.

Dr. John Taylor, professor of theater, had Garcia in class. "Sabrina is a true burst of energy in the classroom. Her laughter is infectious and her abilities are remarkable. Our theatre audiences should expect to see wonderful performances from her as she continues in our program."

In the course of a conversation with Garcia, she speaks of her younger brother and sister, her mom and step-dad, aunts, uncles and grandmother; and openly admits to her dark side. "While I was in high school, I begged my mom for hot pink-and-black Vans with skulls and cross bones," Garcia said. "I wore them everyday."

Since her freshman year, Garcia said she has "grown." She attributes part of her personal growth to her the theater department. "I love my theater professors," she said. "I have learned a lot about myself because of them."

A graduate of Broomfield High School, Garcia's is from Thornton, Colo. She said she didn't think she would find a "family" here. Quite the opposite has happened as she has made close relationships with fellow students. "I share so many stories of college when I am back home with my friends and family, they say it 'sounds good,'" she said. "I really love it here, to put it plain and simple."