Duncan finds his place at Adams State

charles duncan main image

After three years and four different schools, Charles Duncan '06 finally settled at Adams State College. Before coming to Adams State, Duncan attended colleges and universities in Nevada, Utah, California, and Colorado.

Although he walked with his class in the Spring 06 commencement, he will officially have a BA in Business Administration/General Business when he finishes his last class in July. Duncan is also a work-study student in the Rex Activity Center while waiting to complete his degree this summer.

Duncan is looking toward the Business career track in order to leave his mark upon the world.

"I always wanted to be able to work for myself, give back to a community, employee people, and hopefully be an inspiration for someone else to go down the same road," he said.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nev., Duncan chose at Adams State because it allowed him to move at a much slower pace than other places and because the professors are real people.

"A lot of the professors have lived before," Duncan said. "They were in the profession and so they have real world experience and they haven't been disconnected from the real world for a long time like most professors at universities."

Ed Lyell, professor of business, influenced Duncan in positive ways.

"Without his help, I wouldn't be where I am today," Duncan said.

He said it was inspirational to know that Lyell rose from poverty to a position with Clinton and Congress before coming to Adams State.

"It's good to know that you can come from any situation and that Adams can help make that transition," he said.

Lyell said Duncan also helped him.

"He made me remember not to give up on a student-even when they might have given up on themselves," he said.

Another inspiration in Duncan's life is his mother. He said she inspires him because she has persevered in life. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and has lived through the experience. She has also opened her home to foster children and helped set Duncan on the right track when he kept transferring schools.

All of Duncan's hard work was rewarded during graduation he said.

"The best part of graduation was one moment of clarity when I was handing my name card to the dean and standing at the steps. One moment of reflection that this is what it's all about."