Crowther breaks from traditional professor

ed crowther main image

Ed Crowther on the Grizzly football field.

Ed Crowther's got a booming voice that's equally effective whether he's lecturing on Civil War history or coaching football. At many campus functions, such as behind-the-scenes at commencement ceremonies, he's often called upon to bring a noisy crowd to attention.

Crowther's diverse talents are put use in many ways on campus. In addition to teaching and chairing the history/government/philosophy department, Crowther is also serving as interim department chair of EPLS (Exercise Physiology and Leisure Science). He has been assistant offensive line coach for the Adams State College Grizzlies since 2001; moving to full-time in 2004.

"I started as a faculty coach, and they kept me around," Crowther said. "I fell into the position and really enjoy being part of the team."

Crowther travels with the team, attends practices, helps with spring season practice and summer camp, and does "whatever the head coach says."

"I manage my time by concentrating on one thing at a time and catching up in the evenings," Crowther said.

He said the game has changed since his days as an offensive lineman at Mississippi College.

"It is still true that the team that works the hardest wins, but the technique and structure in offensive training are different than they were in the mid-'70s.

"This year the Grizzlies had the best offensive line since 1999," Crowther said. "I am proud of the whole team."