Arguello: 360 from death to college

Patrick Arguello on bike

Patrick Arguello was lying face down on the cement, unconscious. Arguello's brain could not handle the impact from the bike wreck and he was pronounced dead for several minutes. When he woke up the next morning, all of his friends were there, waiting.

"My friends and I were in the skate park and the skateboarders were all jumping a trashcan so I decided to three-sixty over it," he said remembering the accident that almost cost him his life a few years ago. "When I was jumping it, I froze up and got scared, the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital."

Arguello, '10, an Adams State College student, is still a BMX rider. This is Arguello's passion. He loves BMX, which is also known as bicycle moto cross, because of the feeling he gets when he rides. Arguello specializes and competes in freestyle, but there are two additional categories of BMX: racing and flat land.

"I love to BMX and there is nothing better than it," Arguello said. "It is one of the most free-spirited and un-coached things to do."

Arguello has competed in several competitions including the Vans Triple Crown and Trinidad X-games and qualified first place within his category in all of them except one. He has even won a few awards during those competitions.

Because he enjoys BMX so much, Arguello worked to create a place for others with the same passion in his community. While he was in high school, Arguello worked with Jeff Gibson, Roz Heise, and several community agencies to create a skate park within Trinidad, Colo. which officially opened in 2003.

Patrick Arguello

Although Arguello has great talent when it comes to BMX, he has set his sights on finishing college and a graduate program. After he graduates from Adams State, he plans to attend CU Boulder to study pharmacology. Graduating from college will be a significant achievement for Arguello and his family.

"My parents are really excited for me because I am the first to attend college in my family, so I get a lot of support from all of my family," Arguello said.

Arguello first became interested in pharmacology because he worked as a pharmacy technician during high school.

"I figured that I should be a pharmacist since I liked the work I had done previously," he said. "I hope to open my own chain of pharmacies in small towns that do not have good pharmacies or do not have any at all."

He said he plans to support his parents in the future just like they have supported him.

"My parents like the idea that I am going to become a pharmacist," Arguello said. "They also hope I can support them one day and I feel the same way."